eco-friendly, durable and soft

Best of both

We design our collections so that they are fit with purpose for any occasion, making sure they are also eco-friendly, durable and soft.

With our beautiful paper sourced from Europe we have created a bag that is washable, strong, and durable all with a leather like appearance.  

If you spill something on it, don’t worry. Just put it in the machine on a gentle cycle, and it comes out like new again.

safe & easy access pocket

Quick access

We know how busy life can be, so we created a magnetic zip flap that sits on the back of the bag allows for quick access in any situation.

This feature means our collections are perfect for travelling, providing you with a safe, easy access pocket to keep your travel necessities close by.

Distinctive Looks


Distinctive in looks and handcrafted with love, Travel Me bags are designed by an Australian living in Vietnam.

Created from a genuine quest to find the ultimate hard-working, no-fuss carryall bag.

A purposeful bag equally rich in beauty, style and practicality.

Paper Certification and Standard