Manufacturing with a Social and Environmental Conscious!

’Companies must be more environmentally conscious, focus on sustainable practices and materials, and become more socially responsible corporations. Current manufacturing activities have caused the degradation of the environment, the depletion of resources at an accelerated rate, global warming, and affected the quality of life’’.  (Environmental Conscious Manufacturing for Sustainable Growth, 2012)

At Travel Me Bags, it is our duty and commitment to establish the highest standards in manufacturing and product quality. Through the UNs Sustainable Development Goals, we understand the purpose of our versatile Eco and animal-friendly travel companion.

Our bags blend the value of family with ethical couture, to create a bag equally rich in beauty, style and practicality.

Our personal relationship with our manufacturers gives us a unique insight into the application of the specialised material and the family’s health and safety principles. Large corporations who outsource manufacturing to certified factories cannot guarantee employee rights, product standards and waste management. ‘Certification’ can plainly be a buzz word to attract business, consequently neglecting their service to the planet and its inhabitants. 

Our ethical partnership with a small family-run manufacturer promises equality and security for the employees future and the community which surrounds them. Our exclusive range of products and smaller scale orders that help sustain business, in addition prevent employee burnout. We conserve and spread our values equally from design to sale, so everyone in the process can exhibit their contribution to society and the environment. 

Our leisurely and durable travel bags are manufactured with passion using high-quality Vegan Cellulose fibre paper supplied by Texon distributors, with a rich bamboo cotton inner-lining to deliver a high-quality and washable product, for the bold and curious wanderer. 

Our process generates little waste, with off-cuts recycled for present and future goods. Consumers are continually demanding more transparency from fashion brands about how products are created and what happens at their end of life. Travel Me Bags are proud to link with Texon’s material technology since 2018 as they strive to produce zero footprint by 2025. The paper material supplied is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council meaning we can trace the very source of our material and control future regrowth. 

Texon invested over €1 million in a brand new pulper machine to begin this journey. This machine enables them to recycle fibres from more sources, including toilet roll ends and napkins, to create pioneering cellulose products, such as our unique Cecilia Sport Bag and Melissa Laptop Bag

The emphasis of community and leadership at Travel Me Bags are infused in every stitch.