Where it began

Travel Me was started by Jo Prince, an Australian who has been living in Vietnam for the past 8 years. The idea was inspired by her daughter Maddison, who from a young age has suffered from a severe reaction to nuts.

The bag was designed so that Maddison would have quick and easy access to her Epi-Pen, and anyone else who needed to carry around Epi-Pens, Inhalers or Insulin could access them in an emergency.  


The journey

The bag was also designed to safely carry your wallet, passport and phone so as to be easily accessible at the back with a magnetic pocket. And so it developed into a highly functional and desirable travel companion, as well as being eco and animal-friendly.

Jo’s bags have become very popular as an everyday lifestyle and travel bag, and we’re now in the process of expanding our product range.


What’s ahead

Travel Me bags have now been sold across six different countries, something that started off small with Jo and her daughter has organically grown into something quite special.

We look forward to getting our bags out to the world, and creating new and exciting products that let people travel with peace of mind, and of course, with style!